Amsterdam, Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, MS 1 vol. i, Estoire del saint Graal

Images of details were photographed for the Lancelot-Grail Project by DIAMM; full-pages were photographed by Alison Stones.  All images are reproduced by permission of the Biblioteca Philosophica Hermetica.  Text is © Alison Stones

Text references are to the editions by Hucher (H), Sommer (S), and Ponceau (Pon).
Champie initials are by two painters, here identified as hand 1 and hand 2.

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f. 1
The priest-narrator-hermit saying the night office in a church at an altar with a crucifix on it; border: top: hybrid terminal wearing dunce's hat playing portative organ (rubbed); right: figure on stilts (very badly rubbed); bottom: hybrid terminal (badlly rubbed); figure (ape ?) sitting by green bird in cage; arms of La Rochefoucauld (barruly argent and azure, three chevrons gules, crest a peacock displaying), 15th c.; left: two erased figures; ape sitting on terminal juggling balls on stick.
C, champie initial (hand 1)
Chil ki la hauteche et la signourie de si haute estoire com est chele du graal...
(H II 1, S I 3. 1, Pon 1. 3. 1)

Rubric: Chi endroit parole Dieus en une nue au saint ermite
Christ appearing in a flaming cloud to the priest-narrator-hermit outside his 'petit habitacle'
D, one-line ink capital
De trois coses une et dune cose trois...
(S I 4. 12, Pon 2. 4. 3)
f. 5v
Rubric: Chi parole comment Joseph saprocha de Jhesucrist
f. 6 A, champie initial (hand 1)
Av iour ke li sauveres du monde souffri mort...
(S I 12. 30, Pon 22. 31. 1)

f. 6v
Rubric: Chi est ensi que Joseph rechut le sanc Nostre Seignour qui puis fu apeleis Graalz
Crucifixion with sun and moon, Mary and John, and Joseph collecting Christ's blood in the Grail (shown as a silver bowl)
E, one-line ink capital
Et quant il vint au cors si concuelli le degout du sanc...
(S I 14. 5, Pon 25. 35. 6)
marginal note

f. 9
Space for rubric left blank
E, champie initial (hand 2)
Ensi Vaspasiiens uenga Ihesu Crist corporelment de ses anemis...
(S I 19. 3, Pon 37. 54. 1)

f. 9v
No space for rubric
A, champie initial (hand 2)
Atant se taist li contes de Vaspasiien...
(S I 20. 11, Pon 39. 58. 1+var)

f. 11v
Rubric: Chi despute Iosephus au roy Eualach
A, champie initial (hand 1)
Au tans Auguste Chesar...
(H II 135, S I 22. 34, Pon 47. 71. 1)

f. 12
Rubric: De le desputation du roy Eualac
A, champie initial (hand 1)
A chest mot respondi Eualach...
(S I 24. 1, Pon 50. 75. 1)

f. 14v
Rubric: Chi apries comment Eualac ui la uision en son lit.
I, penflourished initial
Ichi laisserons de Joseph..
(S I 27. 23, Pon 59. 91.1 +var)

f. 15v
Space for rubric left blank
O, champie initial (hand 1)
Or vous lairons atant ester del roi. Si vous parlerons de Joseph...
(S I 29. 17-19, Pon 65. 99. 1+ var)

f. 16v
No space for rubric
A, champie initial (hand 2)
Au matin si tost com Ioseph vit laube...
(S I 30. 16, Pon 69. 105.1)

f. 18r
Rubric: Chi canta Iosephus messe. et mist son pere hors du tabernacle
Josephe's Grail Mass at Sarras: he turns his father away from the ark (the Grail as a silver bowl).
E, one-line ink capital
Et si vit devant l'autel .ii. mains...
(S I 34. 3, Pon 75. 116. 11)

f. 20v
No space for rubric
A, champie initial (hand 1)
Atant enmena Nostre Sires Josephe iuscha larche...
(S I 40. 4, Pon 86. 134. 1)

f. 21r
Rubric: Chi acummenie Dieus et Iosephus le sieucle.
The communion at the mass at Sarras, distributed by Christ and Bishop Josephe (the Grail as silver bowls held by Christ and Josephe and/or a huge silver chalice held by an angel)
C, one-line ink capital
Car qui usera mon cors et buuera mon sanc...
(S I 41. 15, Pon 88. 138. 8)

f. 21r
Rubric: Chi desputa Iosephus du roy.
A, champie initial (hand 1)
Atant vint li messages le roi...
(S I 42. 17, Pon 89. 141. 1)

f. 23r
Rubric: Chi uint li messages le roy e li aporta nouueles que Tholomes estoit entres en se terre.
A, champie initial (hand 1)
A ches paroles vint laiens vns messages...
(S I 46. 18, Pon 97. 153. 1)

f. 24r
Rubric: Ensi que li roys sen ala a tout sost contre Tholome
A, champie initial (hand 1)
Atant sen parti li rois...
(S I 49. 9, Pon 102. 164. 1)
marginal note

f. 25
Rubric: Chi sen fui li roys Eualac.
O, champie initial (hand 2)
Or vous lairons de Tholome...
(S I 51. 3, Pon 106. 169. 22)

f. 30r
Rubric: Chi fu thues li roys Tholomers de saint Iorge.
The White Knight (shown with the arms of St George) wounds King Tholomer.
H, one-line ink capital
Ha biaus sire Diex de la qui mort je port le signe...
(S I 62. 17, Pon 128.  204. 7)

f. 31v
Rubric: Chi parole comment li crestien preechent le royne femme Eualac
O, champie initial (hand 2)
Or vous lairons atant del roi Eualach...
(S I 66. 16, Pon 134.  215. 13)

f. 34v
Rubric: Chi parole comment Eualac sen rala a Sarras et se fist crestiens entre lui et sen serourge.
O, champie initial (hand 2)
Or dist chi li contes ke li rois Eualach est a Orcans...
(S I 73. 10, Pon 149. 239. 1)
marginal note

f. 37v
Rubric: Chi parole comment li roys Mordrains et Nasciens vuirrent les secres du saint Graal.
E, champie initial (hand 2)
En tel maniere com vous aues oi fu le regnes de Sarras conquis...
(S I 79. 6, Pon 163. 262. 14)
marginal note

f. 40r
Rubric: Chi parole comment li roys Mordrains sen ala en penanche par le commant de dieu
O, champie initial (hand 2)
Or sen va Iosephes et sa compaignie...
(H II, 321, S I 83. 29, Pon 174. 285. 12)
marginal note

f. 42r
Rubric: Chi parole comment li roys sen ala en penanche
C, champie initial (hand 2)
Chi endroit dist li contes et devise ke quant li rois fu leves del lit...
(H II 331, S I 86. 30
Pon 181. 296. 1)
marginal note

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